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The movies (Trailers and short versions)

Projet en développement
                  Film en stop-motion

Marcel et Milena (titre provisoire)
Une histoire d'amour filial
ou comment devenir grand…

Melina,  une souris solitaire découvre un jour devant sa porte  un panier à linge : à l’intérieur, il y a Marcel, un souriceau apeuré. Elle le recueille et l’élève comme son fils. Attentionnée, elle l’habille, le nourrit, lui lit des histoires.

Pour son anniversaire, elle lui offre un globe terrestre et un livre d’aventures de marin.
Peu à peu, Marcel commence à rêver à un horizon lointain. Il grandit et c’est le temps d’aller explorer le vaste monde. Il se rêve marin, et peu à peu il prépare son expédition, inspiré par les trésors du grand-père trouvés dans une malle. Pour Milena, il est temps d'aider Marcel à vivre sa vie loin d'elle…

DEMOPOLIS - Reclaim your City - Trailer  -

Short stop-motion film on the demonstrations in Berlin concerning gentrification, the increase in rents, the demand for public space...
Many associations, political parties and citizens' collectives have been fighting these phenomena for several years. 

"La Sieste" / "The Nap"


Stop motion short movie

Marcel is a gardening mouse. Growing plants requires some effort and patience. After gardening,​ Marcel takes a well-deserved nap…

"Une bouteille à la mer" 
(Film extract of "La traversée/The Crossing")


An old navigation book comes to life: whales swim between pages, sing and travel the seas, while sailors appear fleetingly and then sail away for eternity...​

Ich bin eine Berlinerin


Self-portrait DADA and experimental poetic travelogue.

 Short Version - Poetic and surrealistic walk in the city of Berlin. A woman gets lost in the city. Before her eyes, images and memories are projected onto the façades of the grey city, while she walks alone, between dreams and reality.


Vom Bauhaus zum Flossbau

"Draw me a raft"      2019

Documentary film - Short Version - 6'52

This film tells the story of the first stages of the "Theaterschüff" project: the end of the raft's construction by architecture students of the Bauhaus University in Weimar , its launch and naming by the members of the Traumschüff theatre project, the premiere of their show on the shipyard site until the first trip "along the river"...

The final version lasts 16' and it's available for screenings and festivals.

With the support of the fondation

Ecart Pomaret.

L'(U)topie des tipis


Documentary film about Teepeeland, a small settlement on the riverside of the Spree in Berlin-Mitte.

 The site is inhabited by between 15 and 50 residents from around the world, the number depending on the season. Each new resident is expected to build their own dwelling and this leads to continuous innovation and improvement of the construction techniques. The place is still «under construction» with a DIY spirit, and residents have to adapt to the community conditions and regulations.  The community wrote its own constitution three years ago to better organize their ways of living together.

Le radeau de la cambuse


In Berlin, Max has built a raft made in wood and with the windows he recovered from abandoned buildings.The raft navigates on the river Spree as a floating canteen during festive events. Max works on this project  in accordance with his ecological convictions and tries to keep the river clean.


The noisy men


In the courtyard of Köpi, an iconic place of the counterculture in Berlin, something is in the air… Tools, machines, sweat, and music… Köpi residents are building together a boat to reclaim their city and the river…


Cuvry, une histoire en friche


Chiara is a young Italian architect, arrived to Berlin once her diploma in pocket. There, she met a Japanese artist with whom she built a hut on this wasteland. She lived there more than two years, summer and winter alike and faced difficulties in her everyday life.

This movie provides, through this portrait, an insight into the evolution and resistances of Berlin. It evokes the thoughts of its residents and give them a voice.




             Catherine Ricoul is a French visual artist in collage and photography who lives and works in Marseille, France, and Berlin, Germany. As a visual artist, she chose to become a documentary filmmaker after several years in Berlin where she witnessed the transformations of the city that are still ongoing. She decided to film these urban, ecological, and social changes to show how people manage their “right to the public space” and their will to live their dreams in a sustainable way. Now, she keeps going this work, but in a poetic way.


Thanks! Merci !

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