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Stop motion projects

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"DEMOPOLIS!"   Reclaim your city  - Short movie -

"DEMOPOLIS!" is a  stop-motion movie project in development.  This Short film will focus on the struggles and demonstrations in Berlin  (but in other cities like Marseille or Montreal) concerning gentrification, rent increases, eviction of tenants or small businesses, the demand for public space....


"A mouse in the kitchen" - Mini serie

Marcel, a little mouse, found a shelter in an old italian coffeemaker.

She settles in and leads a comfortable life with little worries and daily pleasures.

Milena and Marcel - Short movie

Marcel is a frightened mouse abandoned in front of Milena's door, a lonely mouse, who takes him in and raises him as his son. Between them, a filial bond was gradually forged, until the day Marcel, who had grown up, felt the need to explore the world. Milena and Marcel will then discover that the love they have for each other can also be experienced in separation and distance. Before the big departure, each one will then help the other to leave and stay.


La Traversée (The Crossing) - Short movie

An old navigation book comes to life. Fish, whales, bottle in the sea, messages and cut-out words slip between the pages and gradually blue the dreamed sea....

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